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Welcome to the Sforza Mafia Home!

The Sforza Mafia started it's time in Argonath's Vice City. Beginning in the late 1970's, the Sforza took straight to criminal activities. The life of crime that was so famous in Vice City in the '70s and '80s, we have left behind. Welcome to the Sforza Mafia's Website. Please explore around, there are heaps of information, Our Members have all been here since near the start, those shining days of Sforza in Vice City.

Previous Members and Non-members Welcome as well








Capo Bastone


Capo Regime






Giovane D'honore


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After a long talk between the Godfathers, we decided it was time to establish some ground rules to be followed by everybody in the family. We see a lot of people crossing the line, and that should not happen BY ALL MEANS. We all know Argonath is a Freeroam/Free RP server, but we are a Heavy RP Family, and as a Heavy RP group we should all respect the same rules.

1) It's crucial that you all have a Mafia Skin ID and wear nothing but it!

Plus skin ID's 3,46,119,223,258:

2) You need to have at least one car parked at the Headquarters. That car should be painted white (family colour ID 1) and should be one from the following list:

- Sultan (UnModded)
- Huntley
- Sentinel
- Admiral
- Premiere
- Washington
- Elegant
- Limo
- Helicopter

3) ALL NAMES SHOULD BE IN AN RP FASHION STYLE!! I'm sorry for those who have nicks instead of names but c'mon... Roleplay...

4) ALL THE PROPERTIES THAT YOU WANT TO SELL OR OWN FROM NOW ON, HAVE TO BE CHECKED BY US AND CONFIRMED BY US. You also need at least one property in Las Venturas, our turf.

Another thing, I urge everyone to send a list with all the ownings to me so I can see with Tony what we need to change.

Keep the RP Heavy on this server dudes. You have time to goof around, and you have time to be serious.

Alfredo Sforza
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Once again it's time to show the world what we are made of.
New behaviour, new objectives and new mentality.
No need for big speeches when we all know what to do
for it has been in our hearts since the day we joined this historical family.

The pure Vice City ways have come to stay

Al Sforza
Views: 9415 | Date: 2013-03-02 | Rating: 0.0/0

As some may have heard, the Organized Crime Sforza Family has re-opened and back active. 

Some may have seen small alterations to the website, those being:

-The elimination of the forums, any forum related topic will be taken directly ingame to promote and ensure active and more realistic Role Play, those being: warning to players, member management, leader board discussions, expulsion of members, crime organizing, drug dealing, etc.
-The change on the ranking methods as can be seen at the Family Members section, be sure to take a look.
-Small alterations to the Code of Conduct section, with the abolition of the old warning method, be sure to take a look at it aswell.
-Any major news shall be displayed in the main page from now on.

Aswell as forum physical alterations the recruiting method has also changed:

-The recruiting system has been completely removed, as a 2006 prestige criminal group we feel that the Sforza Family should, from this day forward, be a reward to the great and best Role Players in the ArgonathRPG server. With that said, there will be no more recruiting, as entry to the family will be by invite only, with that said, if you wish to join us, prove to us that you deserve it, as for the best things in life are acomplished and not given.
-No actions will be taken without a Godfather's permission, the reason why this is here is because in the past a few members thought that they had power, high ranked members have power, but limited to the Godfathers will, keep that in mind when playing.

For more information on the new rules check the Code of Conduct section of the website.

With that said, I wish to you, a very happy return to the family and good luck.

                 Antonio Sforza
Reviewed and signed,
                 Alfredo Sforza
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